With the international break ongoing, there is one story on everybody's lips. Everton have been punished breaching Financial Fair Play rules and the impact on this season's title race could be huge!

The Toffees became the first side to be found to be in breach of the new Profit and Sustainability rules following a review by an independent commission, and have been deducted 10 points immediately. This has seen them drop into the Premier League's relegation zone, with only Burnley currently beneath them in the table.

Everton intend to appeal, but if they are unsuccessful then this ground-breaking punishment could well be the yardstick to measure the penalties for any teams that fall foul of the rules in years to come.

Unsurprisingly that has seen Everton turn their eyes towards Manchester City. "The club will also monitor with great interest the decisions made in any other cases concerning the Premier League's Profit and Sustainability Rules," Sean Dyche's side said in a statement.

They are certainly not the only ones. City were hit with 115 charges in February of this year following on from an investigation of their finances. They have reiterated that they welcome a review, but if the reigning Premier League champions are to be found guilty of the alleged breaches then a points deduction, and even relegation, could be on the cards.

"There are too many things that 'might' happen if City are found against," football finance expert Stefan Borson said. "It will be very serious — all hell will break loose," he said. "It will turn into an enormous story — not just in respect of football but much wider than that. So many parties will be implicated. It will be an incredibly explosive situation.

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"From a football perspective, it’s impossible to think City would not be relegated if all of these things were found against them. The hearing is likely to be in 2024 at some point. The Premier League are bound to be concerned about what they would do if City are found guilty. The fact the league charged City with such serious matters shows you this is a very bold move."

As Arsenal seek to claim a first Premier League title since 2004 this season, such a punishment could give them a huge boost. As it stands City being deducted nine points would not move Arsenal top of the league, but they would be second to Liverpool on goal difference with a total of 28 points.

Pep Guardiola's men meanwhile would drop all the way down to eighth position if they were to suffer the same fate as Everton. They would fall beneath Brighton who currently have 19 points.

If there's a team that could bounce back from such a blow it probably is City. Guardiola's side have set new standards for consistency, and have tended to go on strong runs towards the end of the season in the past. However, a 10-point deduction would have been enough to see Arsenal go above them to win the league last season. It remains to be seen if that could happen this time around.